Who We Are

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Sheba Remy Kharbanda is a metaphysician, filmmaker, video artist and storyteller from London, currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. A co-founder, alongside William Charles Moss, of Callejero Films Inc, she is officially the company's Producer and Production Manager though she oversees multiples aspects of the production process including occasionally directing

Kharbanda, who read Law and Politics at the University of London, first discovered the power of storytelling and oral testimony during her time as a Human Rights researcher with Amnesty International. In that role, Kharbanda monitored the US government's immigration practices as they impacted upon unaccompanied minors seeking asylum. She was also responsible for monitoring the human fallout of the United States’ governments War on Terror by gathering testimony of those caught in the net of immigration and law enforcement sweeps.  She later went on to co-found a research collaborative in New York City dedicated to working with grassroots organizations on shifting policy and practices relating to immigration, law enforcement and violence against women.  She and her research partner Andrea J Ritchie have co-written several public policy reports and developed a grassroots research praxis still in use by several grassroots organizations across the United States. 

In 2005, Kharbanda launched the Vilayati Tarti/Foreign Land Project, a documentary film and online oral history archive that chronicles the stories of elder women from the Punjab, who, in the decades following the Partition of India, left for England in search of work and a new home. 

Finding that many of the social and cultural ills that plague society today have deeper roots than the policy or legal level, Kharbanda began her journey into Metaphysics on the heels of the passing of a soul friend. She maintains a practice in Brooklyn offering energy work sessions, Tarot and Astrology readings. 

An occasional writer, her essay entitled, A Lesson in Love was published in May 2014 the grandbreaking anthology, Her Name Is Kaur: Sikh American Women Write about Love, Courage, and Faith edited by Meeta Kaur. She is also a contributing writer for In Plainspeak, a digital magazine on sexuality in the Global South. 

An autodidact video artist informed by performative and confessional approaches, Kharbanda has shown her work in India, the UK and Italy as well as in her current hometown of Brooklyn. 


William Charles “Chuck” Moss is a photographer and cinematographer who began in the feature film industry over twenty years ago, before discovering the world of documentary film, which has since become his passion. 

Chuck's work as the primary Director of Photography has helped create the look of the popular History Detective series on PBS as well as the Discovery ID series, Deadly Worlds, Hidden Dangers. Chuck also helped create the look of the innovative and groundbreaking Hire A Vet PSA spots for Spike TV. Chuck has served as DP on the award-winning feature length documentary, The Life and Mind of Mark DeFriest, the award-winning feature length documentary, War Don Don, on the award-winning feature film The New Guy, as well as the documentary short The Old Man and Hemingway, which was designated by MoMA an outstanding short film in 2005; and for Betty La Flaca, winner of the 2006 HBO / NYILFF Short Film Award. He has also served as the DP on the feature-length documentary, Neither Memory Nor Magic, which chronicles the life of Hungarian poet, Miklos Radnoti and Summer Sun, Winter Moon, Official Selection of the of the 2007 IFP Market. His recent work has taken him to Haiti to film with the Clinton Foundation affording him an opportunity to film with the former President himself. And most recently to India and Bangladesh chronicling the lives of garment workers for the forthcoming feature length documentary Sow For Change.